Hey there!

We are the albag family

When we got married, my wife wanted a boy – as you probably know – boys stuck to their moms, all they want is some mom’s attention, food, and care.

When we had our firstborn – we couldn’t be happier – change diapers, sleepless nights, and love – a lot of love, my wife couldn’t care less for her gender.

On our second – my wife’s mind was already set – I want my boy now, guess what? a girl.

we kept trying again and again – and currently stopped at 4 girls! yeah, 4 girls!

why we stopped do you ask (or maybe some of you ask why we got that far…) well – it’s not easy to take care of 4 girls trust me, with boys – you give them a ball, pair of jeans and a t-shirt and you are all set for the year.

Girls – are much more expensive! this doll that doll will spin your head and cry with their big eyes until they’ll get what they want! So yeah they don’t get everything they want. but you can definitely feel the pressure! 

4 girls – 4x the pressure, so costly…

So we have decided to build a website – showing everything our girls ever wanted/needed – and inspire you for what your girls may like, and for fair prices.

We want to hear your girl’s stories – share them with our growing community!

Feel free to contact us with feedback and suggestions and we promise to try and make our site the best source any girl’s needs


Shahar albag & The albag family girls!